Sunday, March 22, 2009

March 19, 2009

Dear Lord,

I just want to say “Thank You”.

Thank You for loving me enough to save me from myself and the world. Thank You for giving your own life on the Cross for me and my sin. The devil thought he won, but You arose on the third day just like You said You would. Thank You for giving me the same Victory in You. Even so…I am unworthy.

Thank You Lord that I can always believe Your Word because I know the Bible is the inspired Word of God – Your Father and mine by adoption. I am unworthy of adoption into Your family, but I accept…with gratitude.

Thank You for Your mercy and grace. There are not enough “Thank You’s” in me to match your mercy and grace. To Thank You as much as I can in the physical, I pledge my life to You. I will serve You. When I am still, please show me how You want me to serve You. And if I am not still – please remind me to be still.

Lord, I love You as much as the capacity of love You have given my spirit to hold. My spirit is full of love. I pledge to share Your love with those who occupy the world with me. I Thank You that for all the love I give away, you give me more.

But, as You know better than I do – I am imperfect. I don’t want to stumble and fall, but stumble and fall I will ~ ‘WILL’ being the key word. You gave me FREE WILL. I just wonder why You gave me so much. Thank You Lord that my free will is nearly exhausted by long life, experience and circumstances. Whew! You gave me many lessons and quite an education. I pray that You will continue to teach me righteousness ~ even unto death. I do not need a refill of FREE WILL… Thank You very much!

Well, Lord, these are my morning thoughts as I linger in prayer for a few more moments before I begin reading my Bible. I know I’ve said this many, many times over the years, but I want to say this again and again in awe of the very fact that Your Word has survived centuries, wars, banishment, destruction, sneering, disbelief, etc. Yet Your Word has survived it all! So, once again, I Thank You Lord for preserving Your Word down through the ages, in every circumstance, so that I can read it today. I need Your Word like the very air I breathe…

Lord, I lift my family and friends up to you and I ask that You give each person what he or she needs, for You Lord are the only one who knows the real needs in their lives. I do not presume to know what those needs are, so I won’t tell You what I want for each person. But I know You do know each need and I trust You completely with the lives of my family and friends… and my humble life, as well.

I Thank You for the most recent mercy and grace You have shown me and my family. I am grateful ~ My gratitude is HUGE. Thank You for sustaining the life of one so dear to us. I Thank You that the life threatening condition was found through pure GRACE. I will ALWAYS THANK YOU for the life of the one I love.

Finally, I Thank You for washing away recent anger. I am grateful for your grace and mercy in the situation. I am grateful that you gave me what I did not deserve instead of what I did deserve. I am not proud of that… thing… that I fell into.

I Thank You that You walked with me, counseled me and loved me while I stumbled in pain. I Thank You for forgiveness when I have totally behaved like the flesh that I am. I Thank You for the assurance that though I stumble and fall, that mercy, grace and forgiveness is there… After I have been allowed to suffer for a while….

I love You, Lord.

In eternal gratitude,

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