Wednesday, August 1, 2012



With the temperature hovering in the mid-90’s day after hotter-than-hell day here in Florida, I am practicing tried and true ways to keep cool and to stay hydrated.  So, while I sit in front of the air conditioner, I am consuming mass quantities of one or more of my following refreshment solutions….

delicious 016

This is nothing more than lemon, lime and filtered water.  Be sure to wash your fruit well!  It is a cool drink that is guaranteed to be refreshing.  Of course, you can add sugar and call it lemonade/limeade.  I just prefer without sugar.

delicious 032

Up there among my favorites is tonic water with raspberries and a sprig of mint.  In this one, I have used spearmint – fresh from my little container garden!

strawberry water 008

Filtered water with any kind of fruit is just great.  This one is simply filtered water, a sliced strawberry and a sprig of regular mint – also from my container garden…

Reese cup and pasta salad 010

I get creative with salads.  A pasta salad is a great meal all by itself!  Other favorites in this house include a garden salad topped with grilled chicken.  The chicken is grilled in the George Forman grill in 6-8 minutes and add practically no heat to the kitchen.  I encourage you to explore salads as an option for meals.

delicious 004

And for dessert?  Why add heat to your house with the oven or even the stove top?  I keep tubs of diet gelatin in the fridge.  I boil the water in a glass measuring cup in the microwave and make several flavors at one time.  When someone wants a dessert, just dish up the gelatin and add a squirt of whipped cream or a dollop of Cool Whip.  Or…if you are avoiding sugar like I do, just top with a little half & half.


That’s how we do it in the South.  Ya’ll stay cool now ~ ya hear?