Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I sighed when I
Opened the book
Knowing I’d be sad
After taking a look

I saw you today
Tasseled cap and gown
Bright eyes full of hope
Nothing to hold you down

I saw you in my memory
The dreams we had
The world at our feet
Oh what plans we had

On the edge of our lives
Sixty-two of us
In nineteen sixty-five

I heard of your fates
I know many are gone
One by one
Twice, sadly, two by one…

Some went to war
Last seen that day
Never to be seen evermore
But I saw you today

Dreams realized
Dreams shattered
Dreams were just that
Dreams that mattered

I know how life turned out
For only a few
Only a few
Of sixty-two

Today I am thinking
About taking a look
For the remnant of classmates
On MySpace and Facebook

Would the remnant want
Same as me
To know how dreams
Turned out for these?

Looking through my high school album
Remembering… Mostly sorry I looked
Nothing is the same
As it was in this book

The same as you were
I saw you today
Yes – I saw you today
But sadness did not allow me to stay

I place the book on the shelf
I whisper to you ~ I’ll come back
To revisit you all in my memory….
Another day, yes, I’ll be back

Darlene Cirinna
August 10, 2009  


  1. This is poignant, Darlene!

    I've found some of my old classmates from high school and even one from elementary school on FaceBook. I've been astonished how some have "aged!" I've been also surprised with how have stayed exactly the same which is equally daunting as are we not supposed to change through the years? I like learning, however, what people have done with their lives and some are very accomplished. I wished that I had stayed in touch with a few more closely than I have...

  2. Me too, Marian.

    I know what you mean. One friend, who is on Facebook, looks exactly the same, some others I would recognize - even with white hair and a few pounds, but there are some who I would not know if I met them on the street in broad daylight...I think I am one of them. LOL

  3. I really liked this Da-BooLa :) I spent years wondering just what happened to so many people I knew in high school and it was thanks to Facebook that I FINALLY found out. It's nice to know there is a way to contact them now because they sit right there on my Facebook friend's list :) It is sad to look back sometimes but every now and then it's important to see how far we have come, too :)

  4. Excellent write dear... sigh memories. If only we knew then that some of those would be our best memories for life.

  5. @Redbrook. You are very fortunate that the internet came along while you are young. At my age and, of course, the age of my classmates, too much time has gone by. I had a private message from one of my classmates. It was great hearing from her. I'm only in touch with a a small handful of them on Facebook. But, I am going to take my HS yearbook and see how many are on facebook, then make a group of just my classmates so we can share where we are in life, who we married, how many children and grandchildren. Our career paths, etc. I think that is what I will do today!

  6. @Jeff: (((hug))) and I understand more of what you say than a reader who does not know us. My losses hurt, but not nearly as hurtful as your recent loss. Those years in school were some of the best times of our lives. We just didn't know it! It's easy to see what Jim Croce was feeling when he wrote "Time in a Bottle".

  7. This was beautiful Darlene. Thank you. Time machines are both wonderful and sad at the same time. I don't know that I could look through my year book today but other days - I can smile.

  8. Thank you, Mykuljay. I am the same way. There are times I can look and enjoy, but other times I'm sad about the ones who didn't live long enough to experience life much beyond school. I remember when I learned of the first death. I cried for days because he was one of my best friends and I didn't make friends very easily when I was young. And I sure didn't have any friends to spare. I still miss him. His name was Reginald Wesley and his uncle was THE Hank Williams. He used to joke with me about setting me up on a date the next time Hank Jr came to town. I said "no...he's too young for me..." LOL...Look what I missed out on. I still smile when I think of Reginald. He always used to say "Thar's better days a comin..." Always the encourager. I'm sure he's in heaven....