Thursday, July 26, 2012



Our cat is always hiding somewhere…  We found her in our garage when she was really too tiny to have found her way here by herself.  We think our big marshmallow hearted cat stole her and hid her in the garage.  I spotted her little tail as she tried to run and hide from me.  At approximately 4 weeks, I was faster.  And so, Lil Lulu became a part of our family.


Lil Lulu still hides and it is fun for me to catch her with my camera…  She wasn’t very good at hiding when she was a kitten.   (No birds were harmed in the filming….)

8-19-09 006

She got a little better at her hiding game as she grew…

dogs n cats 10-18-10 001

But not much better…


Lil Lulu hides really well in the winter….

Lulu and christmas tree 024

Summer is too hot.  She hid in a tree to try to catch a breeze…

7-3-10 various 039

But, her favorite hiding place is the window sill of the living room window…

April 22 2010 yard2 111

She thinks it is the best place to hide and nobody can see her because she is behind the curtain.  Yeah…right….

porch and Lulu in window 019

And sometimes, her hiding place is a total fail….

various 1-15-10 012

Everyone should have a Lil Lulu around.  There certainly is never a dull moment in our house…



Did I ever mention that I am the Queen of Quick Meals?  Well…Now you know…  I am most famous for taking a time consuming recipe and turning it into E-A-S-Y…  Same ingredients…  Same flavor…  The end product might look different or it might not...

When I was a working gal, I sure didn’t want to spend a couple of hours in the kitchen after spending 8 hours in the office.  It didn’t take long to come up with shortcuts.  One example is Stuffed Peppers. Sure they look all pretty in the peppers, but what a lot of work!

My shortcut recipe is this:

Dice one red & one green bell pepper and one small onion.  Set aside. 

Brown a pound or so of ground beef.  Remove to a colander and allow excess grease to drain into a bowl with a paper towel in the bottom to make cleanup easy.

Select a large pan – your choice – I use a huge stainless steel skillet with metal handle so I can go straight from range top to oven in the same pan…  Then I dump drained ground beef, peppers and onions into the skillet.  Season with salt, pepper, cumin and chili powder to your taste.  Stir fry just long enough for your veggies to turn a brighter color…no more or you will lose your texture. 

spanish rice 002

Add 2 cans of petite diced tomatoes and 2 cups of water.

spanish rice 007

Bring to a boil, then add 1 cup of uncooked white rice.  Stir and allow to return to a boil.  As soon as the liquid reaches the second boil, cover the pan with aluminum foil, then the oven proof lid to seal the pan.  Pop the whole pan into the oven @ 350 degrees for 25 minutes.  Done! 

All of the flavor of stuffed peppers.  A fraction of the preparation work/time.  Delicious!



Last week was a very different week in our home, which will also explain my “disconnect” from the cyber world for the same approximate length of time…

Monday before last, I saw a little dog running all over my neighborhood.  I saw different neighbors trying to catch the little guy, but he just danced away from everyone.  I’m sure we all had the same concern that he would get hit by a car.  I lost track of him after he lured me down to the lake, then hid on me.  Arriving back home with everything hurting, I was extremely worried about the dog.  But, I’m too old to chase fast little dogs around the neighborhood. 

It was near quitting time for the working population, so I said a prayer and hoped the extremely clever little dog would be sitting innocently on the doorstep when his owners arrived home.  I went to my kitchen and began preparing our evening meal.  But then…another neighbor knocked on my door to ask me if I lost a dog.  A quick peek into her car confirmed that she caught little Houdini…  We chatted a minute while I explained that he was not my dog and she explained why her two large labs were the reason why she could not take him home.  Sooo…I ended up with a houseguest.  He was housebroken, crate trained and walked well on a leash, so he was no problem except to the old cranks around this house…who shall remain unnamed…

Well…without going into a lot of details, I will just say that the poor little guy was 7 pounds of too much spunk for our household of old people and old pets.  With lots of help from the neighbor lady, I posted signs in the neighborhood, listed him on craigslist and in our local county animal control pet forum for lost pets and perused every lost pet site I could find – no luck finding the little guy’s owner.    It became sadly apparent that nobody cared what happened to him. So, after a week of no-luck, we were forced to find a Chihuahua rescue to take him. 

7-16-12 027

I called him Squirt and he will be in my heart always.  Just before I handed him over to the lady from the rescue organization, I hugged Squirt and wished him a wonderful life.  And then my heart broke….

Sunday, July 15, 2012



BFF 209

Confession time…  I am a reality show junkie.  Yep…  CBS turned me into a voyeur…  It started with Big Brother, which remains my favorite, but has now expanded into The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Survivor and the list goes on and on.

But, I love Big Brother the best.  I have watched every season from inception.  I can’t get enough.  Now, for the 4th year, I am watching the live feeds.  Live feeds, for a reality show addict, is like a drug.  Seriously…

As most people in America know, Big Brother season 14 has started .  From now and until the end of the season, I will be living on California time…  For an east coast person, this means that I am up until about 5 am and asleep while California sleeps. 

The houseguests this season are terrific. Oh my goodness...there are some really great personalities this time. This season’s twist is that four former BB stars are back as "coaches" Each one is coach to a team of 3, but one team lost a player the first night. She didn't get to spend even 1 night in the BB house. I really felt bad for her.  I like all 4 of the "coaches", so that is nice.

I love the live feeds. While so many people are waiting for the next TV show, I already know who was nominated for eviction and who has won the power of veto. I'm pretty sure I know which person will be going home, but they are still discussing pros & cons of each of their options. LOTS of game play right away. Most of the people in this group hit the ground with their feet running. It promises to be a great season.

So...HERE I GO AGAIN...I'll be watching live feeds in all my spare time and during most of the time I should be doing something else.  I will most likely be AWOL from any responsible living until September.  I hope you all have a great summer and I intend to do the same ~ right here ~ watching the live feeds ~ on Cali-time…

Thursday, July 5, 2012




I live in Florida, so I have taken many beach photos.  But, this photo remains my favorite beach photo of all time.  This was my friend and her daughter.  The little girl would be about 40 now and my friend would be old like me.  I wish I knew where she is now.  She was a great friend.  I don’t think anybody would recognize them at this point in time, so I’m sharing my fav beach photo!



March 24 a walk to the lake 050

I met the original angry bird down at the lake.  I’d love to know what was on her mind… LOL