Thursday, July 26, 2012



Our cat is always hiding somewhere…  We found her in our garage when she was really too tiny to have found her way here by herself.  We think our big marshmallow hearted cat stole her and hid her in the garage.  I spotted her little tail as she tried to run and hide from me.  At approximately 4 weeks, I was faster.  And so, Lil Lulu became a part of our family.


Lil Lulu still hides and it is fun for me to catch her with my camera…  She wasn’t very good at hiding when she was a kitten.   (No birds were harmed in the filming….)

8-19-09 006

She got a little better at her hiding game as she grew…

dogs n cats 10-18-10 001

But not much better…


Lil Lulu hides really well in the winter….

Lulu and christmas tree 024

Summer is too hot.  She hid in a tree to try to catch a breeze…

7-3-10 various 039

But, her favorite hiding place is the window sill of the living room window…

April 22 2010 yard2 111

She thinks it is the best place to hide and nobody can see her because she is behind the curtain.  Yeah…right….

porch and Lulu in window 019

And sometimes, her hiding place is a total fail….

various 1-15-10 012

Everyone should have a Lil Lulu around.  There certainly is never a dull moment in our house…


  1. Lulu is adorable! These are really great pictures, Darlene! I especially like the one of her looking out the window - just precious! Thanks for sharing these... :)

    1. She is mostly adorable, but she has a mean streak too. If I don't give her what she wants, when she wants it...attention or treats...she will sneak up behind me and bite me. I have a spray bottle with water on my computer desk. She is 3 years old now and she still has to be sprayed now and then when she is being stubborn and determined to have her own way... Bullheaded..that is what she is...

  2. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Love the first pic.