Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tasty Tuesday ~ 1/10/12


I’ve been in the mood for fresh baked goods lately.  One day last week, I made cloverleaf rolls from scratch.  They were a big hit on the supper table.  We had pizza from scratch on both Christmas and New Year’s Days. 


There is something therapeutic for me to make bread dough.  Perhaps it is the creating or maybe it is kneading…  I can’t tell you which or why.  I just love getting my hands into some good bread dough.

So…yesterday…I had the urge again.  We were having spaghetti for supper and I decided that some garlic knots would be a wonderful addition to the meal.  Because I rarely measure anything, I threw my dough together quickly, then let it rise.   I really didn’t intend to make so much dough…it just happened.   So, in addition to the garlic knots, I made some cinnamon rolls with lots and lots of pecans.  Yummy…

Jan 10 2012 015

The garlic knots were even better…


image not available

BECAUSE WE ATE THEM ALL.  LOL… Sometimes I crack me up!!!

But, here’s a pic I stole from the internet:

Single Garlic Knot

Now you see why they are all gone?   Mmmmmm….


If you want a recipe, don’t ask me because, as stated earlier, I don’t measure.  After some 50 years or so in a kitchen, I have little use for measuring tools unless I’m trying a new recipe.  There are some wonderful recipe sites on the internet…  Just do a Google search… 


  1. Darlene! I love this post! Kneading dough is like a form of exercise! Your garlic knots sound perfect with a pasta dish and your cinnamon rolls...well, what can I say, they would last about 5 minutes in my kitchen!

  2. My Dad's brother used to make bread when he was worried about something. He came to Florida in the early 60's with his pregnant wife. He pulled into our driveway broke and with a flat tire. Of course Dad helped him with a new tire and some money so my uncle could find work. He was so worried while he was trying to find a job that he ended up making so much bread that our deep freeze was full of bread. I'm talking one of those old fashioned (and huge) chest freezers...LOL.

    I began making bread approx 32 years ago while on an all natural, mostly vegetarian diet. I made all of my bread for a couple of years before job and responsibilities got in the way. That is how I learned to make dough without a recipe. After making many, many loaves of bread, I just eyeball my ingredients. It works for me! I've been thinking lately about a trip to the health food store for some seeds. I LOVE bread made with wheat or alfalfa sprouts. Mmmmhummm good!

  3. I so wish we lived closer. I cannot, absolutely cannot make edible bread. I have tried and tried, but it always comes out flat and hard and I give up.
    I would make lots of stoups for you if you would provide the bread!

  4. The secret is to knead the dough well and let it rise twice. Take your time and don't rush at any step. When you take your bread out of the oven, take a stick of butter and rub it all over the loaf. That makes your crust tender and yummy! You can do it!