Wednesday, February 16, 2011



If only I could pick a day

When I could return in time

I’d pick a day when laughter reigned

And my family was still all mine

A time before our marriages

Before any went their own way

A day when all were still alive

Before death stole anyone away

I’d pick a day

sunny and bright

When all in our world

was still all right

A time that all I worried about

Was what to do that day

When Mom and Dad kept us safe

While my sisters and I were at play

A time when maybe all we had

Was simple fare on the table

A time when Mom tucked us in bed

And read to us a fable

I’d visit my grandparents country store

And present my coupon find of the day

For whatever candy I chose

The coupon was just enough to pay

You see, my grandparents gave me

whatever candy I chose

And accepted my detergent coupon

as the payment in full

I could always buy candy with a coupon

and it was quite okay

That was truth as I knew it
That is… until we moved far away

I would choose a day

when I could see

All my favorite child shows

on TV

Mickey Mouse Club, Ding Dong School

Howdy Doody and Clarabelle playing the fool

Buffalo Bob, Sheri and her lamb

And Captain Kangaroo

To visit friends oh so dear

Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Daniel Boone

Sky King, Annie Oakley and Gene Autry

Kukla, Fran and Ollie too

The Mouseketeers were my friends

I knew them all by name
It is sad to think it now

All old folks we became

I would pick a day

both sunny and cold

For I’ve been too hot

while growing old

I want to see

The sun so bright

Shine on the snow

So glittery white

And when the bright sun hides for the day

And the snow forms a brittle shell

I want to walk and hear the crunch

I have missed but remember so well

And as we come in the house

From a day so hard at play

I want to smell the baking smells

Mom made back in the day

You see my Mom baked from scratch

Cakes, pies and cookies

I still remember Dad’s eyes light up

When he was served the wonderful goodies

There were no easy buttons

Parents worked hand in hand

To love and guide their children

To grow into the best they can

Mom worked from early morning to night

She worked very hard, as I recall

Cooking, washing and cleaning

While giving her love to us all

While Dad worked hard at his job

To provide for us all

He had to leave our warm house daily

To work in that same harsh snow

So while life was so wonderful

For three young girls at play

My parents worked so very hard

I should not wish them back for even one day

If I were to be granted just one wish

I would wish to always remember

The days of my youth with family so loved

And that I never fall victim to Alzheimer’s

If only…

I can keep my memories

I will remember the love…


Darlene Cirinna

All rights reserved
Do not copy without permission


  1. you took me back ...I have been thinking back a lot latly ...I find I don't remember as much as I use to ...but your words took me back ...and they are beautiful ...I love you my dear friend ...God is good

  2. What a wonderful journey in a time machine and so close to home. I too have been going back and back wishing many of the same things if a bit different era. The only thing constant in life - is change. I would so love to freeze the days that you describe where only I could walk around and be a kid once more in my adult body. To see everyone; to smell the scents....I would write a note and leave it on the frozen table. "I so remember this day and loved every moment. Thank you. Love from your son in the future."

  3. It seems that I am going back into my memory more and more. In reconnecting with friends from high school recently, I find that I have forgotten way more than I remember. That surprised me. I didn't know I had forgotten so much. My husband says he "has to remember" one thing or another. I asked him if he was afraid he would forget things. He said yes. It's a conversation we never had before, but as we age, we learn more and more about how we feel and our fears regarding our inevitable aging process. For some reason, it helps to pick my brain and write it down.

    Sally Jo: I'm glad I took you back, even if only for the time it took to read. We lived in a really good time.

    Mike: I love the idea of leaving a note in time frozen for everyone but me. You should write a story about that!

    Thank you both for reading.

  4. Beautiful. Another show we always watched...Sky King. Did you watch that one too? This is just so good. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yes, I did watch Sky King. I loved all those shows when I was a kid. I mentioned Sky King in the poem.

    You know what is really funny? To watch those shows today and see the painted backdrops and all the fake stuff they did to make a scene look real. LOL... My husband and I were watching an old movie last week with painted backdrop...hahaha...

  6. I love the poem, but I have no desire to live that part or any part of my life over. I just keep moving forward and thinking every now and again about how I got here.
    Good memories in that poem! :)

  7. What wonderful memories! And I guess that to a degree, you can return in time. You just did. :O)

  8. Such a wonderful trip down memory lane--I thought I had commented on this before? I guess not. I love how you just capture yesteryear so wonderfully.


  9. You have an incredible memory and a talent for transporting me. This is wonderful.

  10. This is beautiful Darlene, and I long for the same thing. It is a pity those days can't last and time keeps marching along. Thank goodness for sweet memories that make us laugh and smile!