Friday, July 22, 2011


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In 1846, The 13th Earl of Derby, Edward Lear, published A Book of Nonsense, dedicated to his great grandchildren, grand nephews and grand nieces. The book is a collection of drawings and silly verses, typically 5 line poems with lines 1, 2 & 5 rhyming and lines 3 & 4 rhyming with each other. After the book was published, limericks became very popular in England.

The BFF 108 topic this week is "Limericks".  So, I am declaring today to be LIMERICK DAY!  That said... Let's 
be silly!

I've had limericks dancing though my head all week.  Today, I put my thoughts to paper.  Following is my silly offering to BFF 108! 

My Great GrandDa was a painter
Until he was drunk up on his ladder
One day he fell
He went straight to hell
So my GrandDa inherited the Ladder
There once was a kitten named Lulu
Who loved anything she could chew chew
Now she’s a cat
And she’s grown very fat
But to food she will never say foo foo
A lady in Orlando has retired
After telling her boss “You’re fired!”
Now she sleeps until nine
Enjoying a wonderful time
Of retirement she has never tired
There once was a lady in New York
About her children she did report
I must have done fine
Nobody’s doing time
Even so, there is at least one dork
There was an old lady ~  a loon
Her mood didn’t depend on the moon
She was quite mad
Of this I am glad
She was found dead today before noon
There once was a man named Dupree
Who thought he could live rent free
So he moved in a house
With another man’s spouse
Now he’s been missing since 2003
There once was a man from Alaska
Who said his dog Ruger ran fasta
But beans give my dog gas
Which makes him run fast
Then Ruger lost because I fed him pasta
The last limerick is dedicated to my friend, Steve, who does, indeed, live in Alaska and does have a dog named Ruger.  

By Darlene Cirinna
Copyright July 22, 2011
All rights reserved.  Do not
reproduce without permission of author.



  1. AWESOME Darlene!!!You have been a busy girl haven't you? I think your muse might be some little irish leprachaun ;) LOL Loving your limericks!

  2. Yes! I have been very busy...LOL As for the Irish...yes I have a touch of Irish in me. It's in the same parts of me that yearn to see Ireland for myself! My Mom got to go to Ireland with my Step-Dad back in the 80's'. (He was Irish citizen) He worked for Delta Airlines and the trip cost him taxes only. I thought there was plenty of time to make the trip too, but he got sick and died. :-(

  3. Wow, amazing limericks!! Well done!


  4. LOL!! These are all great Limericks!! The one about LuLu and Ruger had me crackin up. Oh and the Great GrandDa one too!! This was so much fun to read! Cheers! Jenn

  5. @ Kathy - Thanks. It took me several days to find my muse, but she finally arrived. ;-)

    @Jenn - I almost forgot..I need to send a link to Steve since I took such liberty with his dog. hahaha LuLu is my cat. She's a corker! As for the Great GrandDa... That one has shades of truth. LOL Thank you for reading. I'm glad you both enjoyed the limericks.