Tuesday, September 20, 2011


For the past few weeks, four blogger friends and I have been working on a new site for bloggers.  The new site is called "ONE STOP BLOG WORLD".

At OSBW, you will find something for every day of the week.  Blog inspirations will be posted on the same day of the week as the Facebook groups for GBE2 (Sunday), Writers Post Blog Hop (Thursday) and BFF (Monday and Friday).  Plus, we have added Tasty Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday and Saturday Smorgasbord.  Our main page will display all recent topics with links to the appropriate pages.  Once you click on over to the topic, you will find that we have provided a place for bloggers to post links to their blogs.

Well, I could blather on and on about OSBW, but instead, I think I'll just post a link here and let you be the judge.


Come join us in this wonderful, new blog experience.  Explore our site by clicking on the tabs at the top.  You will find old friends and familiar faces.  Plus, I am willing to bet that you will meet some new bloggers too.

So....that is my secret!  There is a place to keep up with your favorite Facebook blogger groups....All in one place...ONE STOP BLOG WORLD!!!

Click on over and check it out for yourself...  And be sure to spread our secret to every blogger that you know.  K?

Happy Blogging!!!

Your hosts:


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    Hi!  I'm Darlene, your host for TGI Friday.  TGI Friday is under the umbrella of BFF (Blogging for Fun) which has been around Myspace, then Facebook, since June 2009.  Earlier this year, Tracie began co-hosting BFF so that I could have a break.  Well, Tracie did such a great job that I took a really long break.  LOL  When I was ready to get back to work in BFF, Tracie and I decided to post twice a week instead of only once.  Tracie is in charge of Media Mondays and I introduced TGI Fridays.

    More about Darlene


  •  I’m Jenn, your host for Thursday’s Writers’ PostBlog Hop. It's all about connecting with others and having a blast while blogging!! Click HERE to learn more about me or to leave me a comment!


  • Hi! I’m Beth, your host for Sunday’s GBE2. The original GBE (Group Blogging Experience) began on MySpace back in 2007, and because of Alicia, who founded the group and tended it lovingly, it grew rapidly. When Alicia moved on, the group disbanded, and many of us—myself included—missed being a part of a blogging community.

    With Alicia’s blessing, I’ve restarted the GBE, and it’s been a wonderful experience. I’m happy to be blogging again and even happier to be doing it GBE style. Many of the original members are a part of the new group, and we’re steadily picking up bloggers, making the experience more fun with each passing week.

                                                   To read more, click here.


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    Hi everyone! I'm Tracie and I am the host of  BFF ~ Monday Madness , which is part of the BFF group, Blogging For Fun. I started writing for the BFF last year on MySpace and was delighted when Darlene invited me to join her in co-hosting the group earlier this year.
    I find my inspiration to write in many places and in many ways, from music to movies to just about anything. It's my hope that my somewhat "off the beaten path" way of finding creativity might help you to also find your own unique and creative style in ways you never thought were possible.

    Click here to learn more about me.


  • I am your host to the blog hops for Tasty TuesdayWordless Wednesday, and Saturday Smorgasbord. Born and raised in Indiana in the heart of the mid west, I have been a stay at home mom since my daughter was born in 2000. Just when I thought I would be returning to the work force...

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  1. Great post introducing the new site Darlene!!!


  2. Thanks Kathy. We couldn't have done it without such GREAT partners!!! I'm excited and looking forward to great interaction on our new site!

  3. I LOVE your secret!! Sounds familiar? LOL.

    Okay I left instructions UNDER the badges how to link them on Blogger!


  4. This is great, but unfortunately, I barely have time to keep up with the hops I follow.


  5. Love this idea.Love your secret...I do this also ....altho my husband has a much different sleeping pattern, but at least now he has the coffee on....can not do without my coffee. I am like Joyce...I barely get time to read all blogs I am suscribed to and then to blog on three or four sites of my own but my url htp://shboolascott.blogspot.com is linked to my Word press by simply clicking on my picture entitled my simple effort on my google blog spot. I will try to take part though as much as possible.