Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Molly loves to ride around the 'hood with her Mommy....  Yes, that is an adult tricycle....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I have a really, REALLY deep faith.  Yeah…I know that will surprise some of you.  Well…the Lord never said we couldn’t have fun…  SO THERE!!!

This week’s GBE2 challenge is TRUST.   This inspiration prompted me to share a story about a dog that I loved and cherished for 17 wonderful years and how her sweet spirit taught me how to trust the Lord.

This was Elvira…  My little angel went to be with the Lord after her mission on earth was done.  I, apparently, was her mission field because I had a lot to learn in this life.  A lot of what I learned, I learned from my dog.

I was at a point in my walk where I struggled with the concept that I could lean on and rely on God, turning my will over to His.  I was already in a place where I recognized blessings that I certainly didn’t deserve and I had no doubts that the Lord exists.  I just wasn’t in a place where I could freely give over my own will. Even thought my own free will had cost me so much in life, I just couldn’t let it go. 

Elvira loved cat food.  I was told by my vet that a cat food diet was not nutritionally correct for a dog, but she begged so sweetly….  So, every night when I dished up the cat foot, I put one teaspoon of cat food on Elvira’s dry dog food.  Kind of like a treat on top…  She always waited patiently for me to give her the little treat.  One night, I looked at her waiting, looking at me and TRUSTING me.  Suddenly, in an instant, I understood how the old trust thing worked.  It was an epiphany! 

My dog loved me unconditionally.  She trusted that I would take care of her every need.  She knew that her little treat was coming and her trust was great enough to wait for it.  She knew that I loved her unconditionally as well.  She simply knew that she knew…

What did I learn from my dog?   
  1. 1.   I learned unconditional love
    2.   I learned to wait on the Lord
    3.  I learned that a deep love, without violation of that love, leads to complete trust
    4.  I learned to trust the Lord with the rest of my life

    TRUST…  It’s a big deal!!!


I would be remiss if I didn’t add a post script here…  I gave over my free will and accepted what the Lord had for me.  It didn’t look like a good deal at that time, but nonetheless, I gave over my free will and trusted Him completely.  Now, 20 years later, I have had my socks blessed right off of me.  It still saddens me that I allowed my own free will to cost me so much in my youth, but nonetheless, it was a valuable lesson learned.

Many Blessings,

Thursday, August 4, 2011


After logging into my email this morning, I noticed that I had some mail in my spam folder. Ever forgetful to check my spam mail, I dutifully opened the folder for a quick sort before deleting.
Imagine my surprise when I came across this very important mail: 


Canadian National Lottery (Lotto 649)
Address: Consumer Affairs, 70 Foster Drive,Suite 800,
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario P6A 6V2, CANADA.


Dear Internet User,

We happily announce to you the result of the National Lotto 6/49 lottery draws held on Wed, July 13, 2011 in Ontario, Canada and Nottingham, United Kingdom, for Internet Users. Your e-mail address attached to ticket number: B95647560-4545 100 with serial number 046560 drew the winning numbers 2,8,28,29,34,44-Bonus 38. All participants were selected randomly from World Wide Web site through computer draws system and extracted from over 10,000,00 companies and personal e-mail addresses.

Your lucky winning numbers falls within our West Africa booklet representative office in Abidjan, Cote Divorie. You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum $820,000.00 from our accredited commercial bank. Contact Our Lottery/Claims agent immediately for your Prize.


Name: Mr. Eric Johnson
Tel: +44-7045780381


 FULL NAME=============
 GENDER: =============
 DATE OF BIRTH:=========
 NATIONALITY.: =====================
 DIRECT TELEPHONE NUMBER.:====================
 OCCUPATION.: ======================

Congratulations once more from all members and staff for been part of our promotional lottery programm.:

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs.Johnson Rosemary
Customer Service: 680 N-CA 85914.:



I responded straight forth, supplying needed personal information to secure my winnings of $820,000.00


Dear Mrs. Johnson Rosemary,:

May I call you Johnson?: Thank you, Johnson, assuming all is well with you, I continue immediately with the personal information you require for me to secure my winnings of $820,000.00.:   First, may I inquire to know if $820,000.00 is amount before or after currency rate exchange, as I learn when looking into the exchange rates that there is a great difference between Canadian dollar, UK pounds and African rand.: (interesting punctuation used in your culture,: BTW)

My personal data follows.:

FULL NAME.: – Darlene~BloggityBlogger~
GENDER.: female
DATE OF BIRTH.: Yes, I have one, however US custom dictates that a lady never tell her true age. A clever person could deduct my age from my DOB, soooo…
CITY.: Clowntown, 90210
DIRECT TELEPHONE NUMBER.: Yes, however, I prefer my proof communication by email, as per your choice to notify me of my winnings
OCCUPATION.: Retired – perhaps you are aware that Retired Americans are rolling in money, but, yanno, a little more never hurts

As I understand these matters, you will require my bank account number for the transaction and possibly a processing fee in advance? Is not that information included with my e-mail address attached to ticket number: B95647560-4545 100 with serial number 046560? I assume the $820,000 would be more than enough to cover my processing fee? Please deduct such fee from my winnings.

Should you be unable to process your fees from my winnings, I require YOUR bank account number AND YOUR personal information that I may use for electronic deposit, as I cannot share my personal bank account number with you.: I’m sure you understand that there are many dishonest *cough cough* people in the world who are anxious to separate money from the honest people, but particularly from the elderly.: Yes?:

I excitedly await your next move requirement with baited breath.:

Thank you for congratulations once more from all members and staff for been part of your promotional lottery programm.: (Does that translate correctly in your language.:)


Mrs. ~BloggityBlogger~

Copy to.: Mr. Johnson Eric (respecting your cultural expressions and punctuation)


I am excited to hear back from my new friends, Johnson and Eric…

I leave you now because I have just discovered that I am the winner of two more international lotteries that I must claim immediately AND I’m the only living heir of some dead dude in the UK. 

WOW!!! I’m a lucky gal!!!