Sunday, May 6, 2012

BFF 190 ~ I HOPE….


I thought I would be lame, as usual, and skip yet another blog topic. HEY! I have a busy retirement here… LOL But, my friend Jo got me to thinking when she made a list of her hopes and dreams. I like lists! When I make lists, I never know what I will drag out of the depths of my mind and heart. So…it is with anticipation on my own part that I begin my list because I really don’t know at this point what will be on my “hope” list…


~ my husband and I have many more years of life together.

~ our good health will continue.

~ I never slip into depression again.

~ my sisters & my daughters have so much happiness and love that their cups run over.

~ the economy improves so that every person who wants a job will have a job.

~ I can get through this election year without losing any more friends.   

~ after the elections, our elected officials actually roll up their sleeves and get to work for the good of our nation and without political prejudice. (I DO realize that is a fantasy… But, this IS MY wish list. LOL)

~ I will find the dedication it would take to sort my fiction short stories and select a few for an e-book. I would be happy to write just one book and really wouldn’t care if people bought it or Amazon offered it for free. I just want to feel the “accomplished” feeling in that arena.

~ our shutterbug blog friends will enjoy the new BFF weekly challenge. Oops! Did I just leak something? LOL

~ I find my way out of my blog rut…

~ we have another quiet hurricane season.

~ that mercy and grace will overrule my cynical side

~ the Lord meets all the needs of those He loves

~ peace and harmony rule my world

~ I can find it within me to part with most of this stuff I have collected for a lifetime. My needs are small and I don’t need half of what I own.

~ my donated things bless others who have needs

~I don’t die before I simplify my possessions. I don’t want anyone to have to do this because I didn’t do it while I am alive. It is too hard to sort and dispose of a loved one’s belongings. It is now 3 ½ years since the death of my Mom and I’m still trying to get through her stuff. I don’t want my family having to deal with the same conflict of heart/sentiment vs. reason.

~ that I can always find HOPE…

Nuff said…I think…


Darlene Cirinna

May 6, 2012


  1. That is a wonderful and generous list! Your friend Jo is glad she inspired you to clean out those cobwebs and write. :)
    Oh, and the Lord already does look after the needs of his beloved, check that one off!

    1. LOL... I couldn't resist throwing your name around, but I linked it to make it all better. hee hee

      It was nice to write again. I should take time out of my busyness to write more often. The trouble is that I stay so busy that I wear myself out and then I want to sleep.

      Yes, the Lord does meet the needs of His own, but sometimes I just want to wind His clock up to go faster when I see someone struggling to get by. I know you know that I had to have someone special on my mind to hope that one and I do and her needs are so great that she is losing hope. I know it will all be alright in the end, but for now, life is so hard and she is seriously depressed. We'll call it a little prayer. K?

      Thanks for visiting and your comment. I really do appreciate it because I have slacked off so bad that most of our friends have forgotten that I ever blog at all. LOL


  3. I hope... your hopes come true. :)

  4. What a lovely list. I hope that all the hopes on your list are realized.


    1. Me too, but if not, I hope MOST of them come true. LOL

  5. I see we share several "hopes". I am looking forward to the photo challenge. "Hope" I get time to post for them!

    1. I think my "hopes" are fairly common ones. It's not like I asked for the moon or something. hahaha

      I got so happy with the photo challenge that I forgot to come back here for comments. *hangs head in shame* But, it was fun, wasn't it!!!

  6. OH Darlene-- I enjoyed your list of hopes. I share many of the same hopes!! I am looking forward to the photo challenges!! I just really need to make time to do it--but get this!! I started a new blog just for photos--so you know I'm gearing up to participate :D

    I'm making plans to for one of my life long "hopes" or dreams to become a reality- I blogged about it combining the BFF Hope an the TWP Stirring the Pot. I hope you'll stop by to read!!

    Cheers, Jenn.

    1. I did read your "hopes" and I love it. I hope you can get started soon. And, the photo blog is a great idea. I've thought about a separate photo blog, but I really don't post that much. I'll just leave all my stuff on the same blog. Makes life easier for me. LOL