Friday, June 15, 2012



I dreamed that I was looking in a mirror. My face began to crack and I watched in horror as my whole face was taken over by the many fissures which resembled the crackling found on antique china or old paint. I continued watching until the pieces began to fall off my face in a shower of shards. I woke up…

cracked face

(Photo shopped by someone who has no idea what she is doing with a photo editor)


I was 15 years old. Really! *I* really had that dream. It is now almost 50 years later and I still cannot get that dream out of my head. Mostly I don’t understand how my mind could contrive such a scene. At that age, I thought maybe I was getting a glimpse of the future somehow. Was I going to die young? Would my future face be horribly scarred in some manner? The questions abounded as I tried to understand.

Later, after a couple of psychology courses in college, I began to examine my psyche and what might possibly lie under that mask of shards. Did I wake up because I didn’t want to see what was under the façade? Was I putting forward a fake persona? Those of you who know me can laugh right here and for the benefit of anyone who does not know me, just know this…I am one of those “transparent” people who hide NOTHING.

After all these years of pondering that dream, I have finally come to understand that it was, after all, only a dream. Of course, I did not die young. My face is not scarred, nor is it a mass of wrinkles like many my age. I have no fake persona hiding the real me. I am exactly what you see and nothing fake about me. Nothing horrible happened to my face. It is still there – pink and mostly smooth considering my age.

So… What on earth did that dream mean? After taking the memory out for examination repeatedly over my life time, I have finally come to a conclusion and it is this: The dream meant NOTHING. It was neither prophetic nor indicative of another psyche hidden within. It is time to put that puppy to bed once and for all, because it was, after all, just a strange and silly dream that has stolen too many of my waking hours throughout my lifetime…

Now, if only I can understand why I dreamed that dream in college... It was the one where I was standing on the only small patch of land, muddy water lapping at my shoes and as far as the eye could see….alone with nothing but muddy water...


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  1. I love to hear people try to analyze their dreams and I know sometimes they can actually make sense, but sometimes, they're just dreams as you say.
    This was fun and interesting. ♥

  2. Thanks, Jo. As you know, I have a very active imagination that just doesn't seem to go to sleep when I do... LOL

  3. That is one freaky dream!! Fun post and interesting to read.