Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lil Lulu the Homeowner~GBE2~#23

Hi… My name is Lil Lulu. This is my story.

clip_image002 I showed up in my Mommy’s garage when I was just a tiny kitten. My Mommy thinks one of the big cats stole me and brought me home with him. WHAT-EVAH… I’m here and that’s what is important. At first, I just laid around looking cute. That made Daddy love me enough to let Mommy keep me.  

Sometimes I was mischievous. My Mommy tried to keep me in line, but, clearly, I was born to rule…


I practiced on the parakeets. I studied them.


And studied them some more.


Then, you can betcha that I laid down the law….


I also guard the house. This is me watching for frontal attacks.


And attacks from the rear of the house…


You can see from the front porch that I am diligent in my guard duties…



I also keep order in the yard. I search out predators to make sure everything is safe.

I’m particularly good at surveillance.


It was because of my stellar reconnaissance skills that I was able to locate this prehistoric predator….  Then Mommy took me in the house…. Sheesh…I never get to slay dragons…
Most of the time, I have to amuse myself in the house. I don’t know why Mommy gets so upset when I scratch the doors.

Daddy thinks it’s funny, then Mommy has words. She put me in the Florida room when I messed up the French doors. I think you can hardly see the scratches. Anyway, Daddy has re-stained and fixed them nicely since that day.

Another thing I do for Mommy and Daddy is to warm their bed in the winter.

Another job that is really hard, but necessary around here is for me to keep the blue bear out of trouble. He has a big mouth.


I just show him who is the real boss around here…

Whadda ya mean I don’t own this house? I’ll show you who is boss…


I do all this for peanuts… I mean, just a few kitty treats.   My treats taste best while lounging around on Mommy’s bed.

Any more questions about who owns this house and the two human beings I take care of?


Good! Now, please excuse me, duty calls…. I feel like smacking a dog…
Whew!!!  This blogging is serious bizness!!!  Now I need a nap…

Ownership…iz doin’ it rite…



  1. I love your photo essay blog of Little Lulu!! What a sweetie. Those pictures with the bird cage are priceless. I tawt I taw a putty cat!! LOL

    Lulu definitely rules!


  2. There now it's working! I really love Lulu and she is quite photogenic! The birds are not very impressed with her apparently, but she looks ferocious anyway.
    Great meeting her and seeing yet another love in your life. :)

  3. Wonderful post about ownership. I enjoyed meeting LuLu!! She is such a protective cat-I can tell :)

    Cheers, Jenn

  4. @Kathy: The pic of her standing against the bird cage is one of my favorites. She couldn't do any harm when she was small, but I wouldn't trust her now. We only have 1 very old parakeet left now and he has to be kept behind closed door to be safe from Lulu.

    @ Jo: Lulu is a good photo subject, but not all the time. She has just about had it with me and my camera. As soon as she sees the camera in my hand, she is out of the room. LOL

    @ Jenn: It's true...Lulu thinks she owns this house. Her Daddy plays with her with the lazer toy to help keep her from getting too bored because when she is bored....LOOK OUT! LOL... She is a party kitty and more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

    Thank you all for your sweet comments.

  5. Lulu sure does have a lot to do! I think she deserves extra treats. :O)

  6. I shall serve her extra treats at your suggestion. I'm sure Lil Lulu thanks you...LOL

  7. Wow that was cute. My daughter has been asking for a cat forever. Makes me want to go get one.

  8. A cat is really the best house pet. They are clean and easily trained to use a litter pan. It's really instinct that makes them dig, do their business, then bury it. All you have to do is put a kitten in a litter pan and ~ walla ~ training done. I prefer female pets because you never know which male is going to have the primal need to "mark" their territory. Not all do. I once thought that a neutered cat would not spray, however, I have learned that is not true in all cases. So...male cats are not invited into my house. LOL

    If you do get a kitten, and if you don't know a good brand of clumping litter and scoop daily. Scooping is easy and you will never have an odor.

    Your local animal shelter should have plenty of kittens... hint, hint... Save a life! Then spay or neuter ASAP!

  9. This is so cute! I have five cats myself so I was smiling the entire time and thinking of my own babies. Lulu certainly does a good job holding down the fort!

  10. Thank you, Adelia. Lulu is a riot to have around. The things she does are so funny! We also have 7 outside cats who are older cats. Before my husband fell in love with Lil Lulu, we didn't have cats in the house. I think she would love to live outside, but we are over protective of her and my husband worries if he doesn't know where she is at any given moment. She is one spoiled little kitty!