Thursday, October 13, 2011


12:07 PM and Annie is still in her pajamas. A niggling at the back of her mind reminds her that she must get showered and dressed. She expected a call from her Vet by noon. Now there is no call yet, she realizes the call will not come until after 2 PM, so no need to sit and stare at the phone for a while.

Annie’s mind flashes back to two nights ago when Blanca didn’t show up for supper with the other cats. Quickly searching the yard, she spotted her lying by a tree. But, she didn’t come when called. As she advanced across the yard, she thought “That darn cat!”

It’s hubby’s birthday, but both of them already forgot what day it is. Annie canceled an appointment earlier in the week because she inadvertently scheduled one on his birthday. So much for that… His birthday is disrupted by a cat emergency anyway.

Blanca has been at the vet’s office overnight. She had unexplained fever, lethargic and dehydration. Annie hopes that some fluids administered by IV and some antibiotics, along with a night in the veterinary hospital should fix her kitty right up again. She is such a sweetheart. Her little life is worth whatever it costs…truly…


So…off to the shower. The Vet should be calling soon. Annie hopes the news will be good. She contemplates her life for just a fraction of a moment. After retirement, it seems like she simply lives each day as circumstances dictate…just one day at a time. 


By Darlene Cirinna

© October 13, 2011

All rights reserved. Do not reproduce

without permission of author.

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