Saturday, October 8, 2011



I’m out of balance and I need a balanced life.
Sleep must always wait for me to reach exhaustion.
Awaking from sleep is a process for me.
Eating habits are out of balance too.
I eat when I’m not hungry!
Writing is out of balance.
Blogging derailed by Facebook.
Shouldn’t socialize first!!!
Get sleep!!!
Elizabeth Grace is guest writer on Writercize this week.  Link:  
This blog is for the Writercize challenge AND GBE2 Week #20 topic:  BALANCE

By Darlene Cirinna
© October 8, 2011
All rights reserved.  Do not reproduce
without permission.


  1. Way to balance your efforts! Great post and every word true and to the point.
    Love it, great job!

  2. Brilliant! You did a great job of combining the challenges and did both of them proud!

  3. Thanks to all you ladies.

    When I approached retirement, I certainly had a different idea of how my life was going to be. And THIS wasn't it. I think I need to go back to work just so that my life has some structure again. LOL

  4. Clever, clever girl, I wish I'd thought of that. Now go forth and write, we're ready to read!

  5. You did a great job, but your music made me jump!

  6. Sleep is one of those things I grab when I can. Falling to sleep -- no problem. I'm out when the head hits the pillow.

    You sure have a lot of things to try to balance.


  7. You did a fantastic job combining these! That writercize scared me. I don't think I can do it. Or maybe I don't want to take the time to try. hehe

  8. @ Jean: LOL...I hope it made you jump in a good way. Doo Wop music can still make me move these old bones!

    @ Joyce: Going to sleep is no problem. The problem is getting into the bed. I am hyperactive to a fault ~ Both mentally and physically. As long as my body will move and my brain can think, well then...I'm awake and up and about. The minute I crawl into bed, it's lights out and off to dreamland. Even so, I wake up early and I'm off and running again. I enjoy mental stimulus, so I spend a lot of time on my computer. I will research a subject to death, or read every blog I find, or write. To unwind enough to go to bed, it's a few games of freecell. So you can see that it takes exhaustion for my mind to settle down for the night, but not for long... LOL

    @Angie: It scared me too and I didn't think I could do it either, but I've been lazy with my writing lately, so I made myself do it. I really don't like my product, but what can one do with structural restrictions. I did discover it to be more fun than I thought it would be.

    Thank you all for reading/commenting. I do appreciate your comments.

  9. WOW, amazing job Darlene!! You rock! Way to balance and combine those challenges!


  10. LOL.. You mean I actually balanced something? hahaha... Thanks Kathy!