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NOTE:  I wrote this blog last year for BFF.    It was a fun Christmas blog, so I am reposting this year.  I have almost completed a sequel that I will post tomorrow.  I hope everyone enjoys the story of my FIRST CHRISTMAS with my husband.  Thank you all for being my friends.  Those of you who are not my friends, please feel free to send a friend request.  How can I get to know you if you are hanging around in the shadows?  K?  ;-)
When I started thinking about this BFF topic, I thought about all of the “FIRST CHRISTMAS’S” in my life.  There was, of course, my first Christmas in 1947.  I would love to tell you about it, but I can’t remember that long ago.  Then there was my first Christmas in Florida in 1958.  Eh…  You all know the difference between a Christmas in NY and a Christmas in Florida.  Nothing interesting there…  I dragged my mind through the labyrinth of my memories…  AH HA!!!  I know the First Christmas I want to tell you all about…
In 1971, I spent my first Christmas with my Husband.  We didn’t have much, but we had each other and that was the world to me.  Our furnishings were minimal.  Our TV was a tiny 13” black and white portable.  All we had in the living room was a sofa, 1 chair and the portable TV on a small table.  I wanted Christmas to be really special, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money for tree and decorations.  I went to the Eagle Army & Navy store and bought a 36” artificial tree and a few decorations.  The tree was too small to have set up on the floor, so I set it on top of a huge box, threw a white sheet over the box and decorated the tree.  It was rather pretty.  I wish I had pics, but I’m not sure I even had a camera at that time.

I bought 2 gifts for my Husband.  I couldn’t hide the recliner chair, but I hid his other present under the tree.  I hid it so well that he couldn’t find it.  Several times before Christmas, he asked me where I put his present.  My response was the same every time…”It’s under the tree.”  Finally, he said to me…I looked at every present under the tree and they are all for your family.  Where is my present?  “It’s under the tree!”  He was very frustrated with me.  But, honestly…it was under the tree.

Finally, Christmas Eve arrived.  In my family, we always opened presents on Christmas morning. His family opened them Christmas Eve…  OK.  That was fine with me.

My Husband was soooo excited.  Finally, he will have the present that made him crazy with curiosity.  He looked and looked and looked at every present under the tree, but did not find a present with his name on it.  He thought maybe it was a trick and I put a family member name on his present to throw him off…  “No, I didn’t put anybody else’s name on your present.”

Seeing that I was on his last nerve, I walked over to the tree and lifted the white sheet to reveal his present that was truly “under the tree”.  In the large gaily wrapped box, covered by the white sheet, was his brand new color TV.

I still smile every time I think about our very first Christmas and how I nearly drove my Husband crazy while he looked for his present that was “under the tree.”

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