Monday, December 20, 2010


‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Not a sound could be heard
‘cept for the snore of a louse

no sugar plums imagined
no gifts were expected
no food in the fridge
no signs of Christmas detected

The little boy curled into a tight little ball
Hoping beyond hope to not hear a foot fall
Just another night of terror and misery
Nothing to look forward to, not even a tree

Fast forward many years
the little boy was grown
He married his sweetheart
Had a home of his own

It’s a miracle he grew
To be such a fine man!
His rocky youth
Now a memory ban

But deep down inside
His memories would erupt
Each Christmas when his wife
Put the Christmas tree up

He said “Bah humbug”
His wife not a clue
Why the Grinch showed up
Every year on cue

Many a holiday
Was spent in this way
His wife completely puzzled
Until one cold dark day

He said to his wife
You cannot know
The memories I have
Not allowed to show

My childhood was different
No happiness known
No loving parents
No kindness’s shown

No Christmas dinner
No toys under a tree
No loving words
It was not to be

So I don’t want a reminder
Of past misery
I want Christmas to be over
Take down that tree!

His wife was heartbroken
To learn of his past
So carefully hidden
Until this cold blast!

His memories hurt him!
But what could she do?
She said I love Christmas
I’ll not allow misery too

She thought and she thought
Of how to resolve
His issues with Christmas
To get him involved

Suddenly she realized
The answer so clear
He needs new memories
That he can hold dear

New Christmas Eve traditions
Were started that day
Traditions that now
Are here to stay

She went to her kitchen
And began to prepare
Mouthwatering delights
All made with care

She invented snack night
Much to his delight
They munch on treats
By the glow of Christmas lights

Only a couple of years
For the bad memories to leave
As he began to look forward
to their new Christmas Eve

Now the Night before Christmas
Is a wonderful night
New memories were made
And their world is all right!
Written by Darlene Cirinna
Copyright December 20, 2010
All rights reserved.  Do not
use without permission.

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